Gadha Path @ Delhi university

The irony of our time is that Gadha(Donkey) has taken centre place in the politics of India. Akhilesh Yadav metaphorically terming Narendra Modi as Gadha of Gujrat is a new low standard and a tough target for others to achieve. Then it was “The best orator” Namo turn to explain the benefits of being a Gadha. Thus, all Gadhe (*Indians – typo) are listening this Gadha path and thinking – who is better A Gadha or a human being. Gadha Path influenced all of us, so how can “The Prestigious” Delhi university distance itself from it. Gurmehar Kaur, the Lady Sri Ram College student and daughter of an Army martyr took it at another level by the greatest logic “Pakistan did not kill my dad, war killed him”.


Insanity can’t be beyond this level when you even use the martyrdom of your father for political benefits. May be she is getting used by some “Sick brain” for their own benefit but it is getting done on the cost of our country. Her Facebook post drew some weirdest reply in form of rape and death threat. In today’s era of technology, how difficult is to arrest someone having Facebook account.  But no one is interested in finding the culprit. Everyone wants “entertainment”. The biggest problem with us is, we have lost the sense of humour and can’t handle criticism. Sarcasm is way beyond the thing of understanding for us. The same happened with Virender Sehwag reply over Gurmehar post. Leave common man, people like Javed Akhtar labelled him an illiterate. The same happened with Phogat sisters and Yogeshwar Dutt who gave this country a place in world wrestling. If Gurmehar has the freedom of speech, then these people too have the same freedom.  If Gurmehar’s Father gave his life in protecting India, then these people too have represented India and made us proud. A soldier is no less than a celebrity but using his martyrdom for political benefit is wrong for sure. There is freedom of speech but not at the cost of country unity and security. We should go to the bottom of the issue and find the hidden agenda behind all this crap. In the social media war, the real issue and bad intention hide their face. May be, this whole game is organised by some anti-nationalist to divide the India and here are so much involved in mocking and trolling.


While this Gadha Path continues in our country, Gadhas are very confused. Why a dumb person is called Gadha whereas an intellectual is dumber than Gadha. So, Gadhas have changed their rule and in their society, a dumb Gadha is called Human. While Delhi Universities are teaching how to become a Gadha, Gadha University are teaching not to become a human. The best irony is that All Indians are paying taxes to run Delhi and other universities to make more and more Gadha. I pray to Gadha, let their Gadha Path remain continues.

Thank you!